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Governor's Palace (Amman)

 Governor's Palace (Amman)

Governor's Palace is probably one of the largest buildings on top of the Amman Citadel. It was built in the early 8th century along with the Umayyad Mosque adjacent to it. Governor's Palace was intended as an official residence of the Amman ruler and place of work of the Amman Officials who were assigned by the royals of the Umayyad Dynasty.




Location: Amman Citadel,  Amman




Description of Governor's Palace


Much of the former Governor's Palace is gone today. Many of the walls were destroyed by local residents of Amman who simply re- used Medieval stones for latter building projects. But whatever is left gives an impression of a large and relatively spacious building. The entrance to the former residence is one of the best preserved part of the palace. It is made of intricate carvings traditional in the Arab architecture. The rest of the structure is pretty much gone today. The shape and size of the Governor's Palace can only be guessed by remains and traces of columns and walls.








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