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Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts (Amman)



Location: Hosni Fareez Street, Amman

Tel. +962 6 463 0128

Official site





Description of Jordan National Gallery in Amman


Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts in Amman holds the largest collection of art in the country. Jordan National Gallery was established in 1979 in a fairly small, by impressive structure. It collects works of art of modern Jordanian artists as well as other Muslim artists from the Arab World. Today the collection of Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts consists of over 2,000 various pieces. In addition to well recognized names Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts hosts temporary exhibitions of young artists, providing the opportunity to discover new talent. The staff of Jordan National Gallery is involved in scientific work on the preservation of the cultural heritage of the country. They hold regular seminars and conferences. Occasionally Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts holds major exhibitions of their paintings in foreign countries including France, Turkey, Poland and other countries. National Gallery is fairly popular with tourists who are interested in Jordanian art. In addition to actual exhibits gallery also has small cafe and a gift shop.








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