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Nymphaeum (Amman)


Nymphaeum a masterpiece of ancient Roman architecture found in Amman. It was constructed in 191 AD and as its name suggests was dedicated to the nymphs, mythical female spirits of water and springs in particular. It is located in the city center, a few blocks from the Roman Theater.



Location: Quraysh Street, Amman




Description of Nymphaeum in Amman


Nymphaeum was a major source of water for the local residents of Amman. It is a large two storey complex with elegant arches and niches. It exterior was lined with marble, mosaics and stone carvings. Nymphaeum was adorned with statues and lion heads, from which the water flowed. Water was delivered from a natural spring that was used by the local residents for drinking and excess was gathered in a swimming pool that could hold 600 cubic meters of water with a depth of 3 meters.


Nymphaeum Map Layout

In the middle of the 20th century you could still see ancient Roman roads and an original water source, but over next few decades it was covered by modern buildinsg. Excavations underneath and around of Nymphaeum began here in 1993. Numerous artifacts that were found here were transferred to the Archaeological Museum of Amman. Jordanian government is contemplating renovation of the fountain and adding missing parts of Nymphaeum with its modern copies. The issue is somewhat complex one. On one hand fountain would return its previous appearance, but on the other hand it could loose its authentic, "old" feel if new details would be added.









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