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Raghadan Palace (Amman)

 Raghadan Palace (Amman)

Raghadan Palace in Amman is the main residence of the kings of Jordan.




Location: Fatima Bint Al Husayn, Amman





Description of Raghadan Palace in Amman

Raghadan Palace was designed by Lebanese architect Saadedden Shatella and built in 1926. Magnificent Raghadan Palace costed 1,600 Palestinian pounds at the time of its construction. The exterior of the building is covered by stone from South Maan. Design of colored glass was influenced by similar motifs of Jerusalem Al- Aqsa Mosque. The most important room of Raghadan Palace is the Palace Throne Room, which is used for public and political events.


The name of Raghadan Palace is derived from an Arabic word "Raghad" meaning "a comfortable life". In 1983 residence was badly damaged by a fire that destroyed its roof as well as several rooms. It was thereafter restored and expanded.








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