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Roman Forum (Amman)

Roman Forum (Amman)

Roman Forum is an ancient down town of the historic center of Amman. During Roman period it was the center of religious, political and commercial life. Today only small part of the forum is opened to the public between Roman Amphitheatre and street Hashimi.



Location: Al Hashimi,  Amman




Description of the Roman Forum

During Roman period it was a large open area lined by beautiful columns that reached a height of 15 meters and 1 meter apart from each other. Many of these columns fell during earthquakes that struck Amman, but archeologists managed to renovate some of them and return to the original location.


Today area around ancient Roman Forum is taken by a spacious park equipped with fountains and benches. Children come here to play among ancient ruins, while adults come here to read, socialize and play chess. From here you see many beautiful ancient buildings including Amman Citadel and Temple of Hercules.









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