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Royal Cultural Center (Amman)


Royal Cultural Center of Amman is an education and cultural institution established in 1983. The building that houses Royal Cultural Center is easily recognizable by its unique elegant European architecture.



Location: Al Madinaar Riyadiyya, Amman

Tel. +962 6 5661027




Description of Royal Cultural Center in Amman

Royal Cultural Center holds several rooms of various size and various purpose. One of the largest wings is taken by a Royal Theatre that can seat about 300 spectators. In addition to plays they hold dancing and music performances and occasionally serves as a movie theater. Conference Room of the Royal Cultural Center covers an area of 30,000 square meters. It is commonly used for domestic and international meetings devoted to various cultural events and issues. Royal Cultural Center is worth visiting if you want to attend some cultural event within its walls. Otherwise there is little to do or see when it doesn't hold anything.








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