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Umayyad Mosque (Amman)

 Umayyad Mosque (Amman)

Umayyad Mosque in Amman was constructed during Medieval period, when the city was ruled by the Muslim rulers. It seats in the center of the Amman citadel that holds strategic location over a town below. Umayyad Mosque was constructed in the first half of the 8th century AD.



Location: Amman Citadel,  Amman




Description of Umayyad Mosque

The building of Umayyad Mosque was not very large in size so it was most likely used by a small number of Amman royals and noble elites. It was constructed adjacent to the palace of the ruling Umayyad dynasty that ruled for over 80 years. Many of the stones used for construction of this magnificent mosque were taken from the nearby pagan Temple of Hercules.


Umayyad Mosque does not stand out with neither size nor furnishing thus following the covenant of the Prophet Muhammad, that the mosque should be spacious empty house, designed exclusively for prayer. According to his logic nothing should detract people from communion with Allah (God in Arabic).


Umayyad Mosque is a square shaped central hall with four arched extension on each side. The building is crowned by a large dome that is visible from afar. Current dome is a modern recreation of the medieval roof that long have collapsed. Today Umayyad Mosque serves as a museum and it is permanently open to the public.







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