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Jordan University Mosque (Amman)

 Jordan University Mosque (Amman)

Jordan University Mosque was built in 1982, but it became one of the most beloved sights in Jordanian capital of Amman.




Location: Al Jamia, Amman





Description of Jordan University Mosque in Amman


In addition to the main house of prayer Jordan University Mosque has a complex several buildings that cover a total area of about 20 thousand square meters. Jordan University Mosque is constructed from cream colored marble topped with a intricate dome that measures 35 meters in diameter. Mosque Minaret or a tower is covered by the black tiles. Inside it a spiral staircase leads to small balcony at the top.


The interior of the rectangular prayer room is fairly spacious with natural light coming through large windows. Interior walls are covered by floral ornaments and Quran inscriptions since it is forbidden to portray animals or humans. A small museum is located on the second floor. It has a modest collection of relics of Islam and Islamic art works.








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