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Water Cistern (Amman)

 Water Cistern (Amman)

Water Cistern was constructed by the Arab civil engineers in the early half of the 8th century. It was intended to keep water for the Governor's Palace that was built around this time. Water Cistern is simply a hole in the ground that was covered by a lid. It measured 5 meters deep and 16 meters in diameter. Cisterns hold over 1,000 cubic meters or approximately 250,000 gallons of water.



Location: Amman Citadel,  Amman




Description of Water Cistern in Amman


Water Cistern were filled during early spring months when rain falls are abundant. Water collected in this structure through many channels and collecting ditches. During dry months of the year rains ceased and people had to get by either by digging wells or using collected rainwater. A column that stands in the middle of the Water Cistern was used to measure the water level. Additionally stairs were added for workers who took care of the structure. In the ancient times the interior of the cisterns were covered by stucco that kept moisture inside. Every year workers had to fix cracks and another layer of protective water resistant material to the interior. Water is always a precious commodity in the Middle. Loosing water from the main Cistern at the top of the Citadel could make the whole settlement vulnerable.


Water Cistern (Amman)








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