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King Abdullah Reef (Aqaba)


King Abdullah Reef is a fantastic place for diving located about 1 kilometer from the Diver Center. Its beach is fairly protected from the wind and its coral forest is one of the most diverse and interesting in the Aqaba Marine Park. King Abdullah Reef was named in honor of Jordanian king Abdullah II who was an avid diver. Due to his contribution to the diving in the country this reef group was named in his honor. Depths here vary between 6 and 40 meters.



Location: Aqaba Gulf, 1 km South of the Marine Science Station




Diver submersion is better performed on the South side of the slope since it is not as steep. Coral colonies here have various colors and shapes. King Abdullah Reef is one of the most diverse and heavily inhabited in the area. Many divers come here by night as well. Many of the crustaceous and corals begin their feeding during dark hours of the day. It is only during this part of the day many corals expand their small tentacles in order to catch microscopic food. Additionally many corals possess fluorescent bacteria within its tissues that make the whole coral colony glow in the dark waters, giving coral forest a majestic appearance. King Abdullah Reef is one of the most favorite dive sites for underwater photography.









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