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Aqaba Marine Park

 Aqaba Marine Park



Location: Aqaba


Tel. +962 (0) 3 203 58 03

Official site


Map of Aqaba Marine Park


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Description of Aqaba Marine Park

Aqaba Marine Park   Aqaba Marine Park   Aqaba Marine Park

Aqaba Marine Park is of the most popular tourists destinations in Aqaba. It was created in 1997 to protect and preserve the biodiversity of the coastal zone of the city. Aqaba Marine Park stretches for 7 miles along the Southern coast with a large part of its territory being a protected zone. This biodiversity reserve works together with the University of Aqaba in organization of a large scale program for the conservation of rare and endangered species of underwater flora and fauna.

In the area open to the public, there is a visitor's center, which includes a comfortable hotel, a cozy restaurant and informative exhibitions in the protection of the local environment. Five beaches of Aqaba Marine Park are opened to the public and some of the best in the city.








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