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Aqaba International Dive Center


Aqaba International Dive Center is one of the most significant landmarks in Aqaba. Diving is big here and for a good reason. Coral Reefs of Aqaba Bay is one of the most beautiful in the World. In addition to beautiful colorful schools of fish it makes one of the most famous dive sites.



Location: Aqaba 77110

Tel. +962 777 723 618

Official site




Description of Aqaba International Dive Center


Aqaba International Dive Center offer a full range of services for divers of all skills. They provided the necessary equipment and accessories for diving and offer the guidance of qualified dive instructors that can guide you through the maze of coral forests. Additionally Aqaba International Dive Center offers dive classes for all skill levels of divers. In addition to beautiful biosphere that grows off the coast of Aqaba several man made objects are found in the waters. This includes WWII tank as well as several sunken ships. It is handy to take a map of the reefs. They are spread across a single beach of Aqaba.









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