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First Bay (Aqaba)


First Bay Diving Site is located in the North part of the Aqaba Marine Park on the South coast of Aqaba. It is located about 700 meters south of the Marine Science Station. The depth here varies from 15 to 35 meters.




Location: Aqaba Gulf, 0.7 km South of the Marine Science Station




The mild climate, warm sea currents and bright sun light have created ideal conditions for the formation of the unique biodiversity of the Red Sea. Colorful schools of thousands of anthias fish hide among numerous species of corals. Dolphins and turtles also frequently visit these waters. while dolphins are naturally playful and and harmless creatures, turtles might be less friendly and at times they can be quiet aggressive if cornered by humans.


First Bay coral reef describes only a narrow strip of shallow water off the coast of Aqaba. You can venture to deeper waters of the Gulf in the area that is called Death Valley. As the name suggests it is a very dangerous body of water that is reserved for very experienced and mildly retarded divers. It reaches a depth of 100 meters with strong currents. At this depth sun rays can't penetrate water layers, thus making growth of corals impossible. So it is not really worth visiting unless you want to end untimely death.









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