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Cedar Pride Sunken Ship (Aqaba)

Cedar Pride Sunken Ship (Aqaba)

Cedar Pride is a sunken Lebanese freighter off the south coast of Aqaba within borders of Aqaba Marine Park. It was deliberately flooded in 1985 to provide local corals a base for further growth. It is probably one of the most photogenic human vessels that is found in the Red Sea.



Location: Aqaba Gulf, border between Japanese Garden and Rainbow Reef

Tel. +962 7 9580 1100

Official site




Cedar Pride Sunken Ship (Aqaba)  Cedar Pride Sunken Ship (Aqaba)  Cedar Pride Sunken Ship (Aqaba)

Wreckage of sunken Cedar Pride lies about 130 meters from the shoreline at at maximum depth of 25 meters. It is situated on the border between "Japanese Garden" reef and "Rainbow Reef" area. Cedar Pride  became one of the most popular dive site in Jordan even though it is located far from the Marine Dive Center. It is advisable to dive here under guidance of a qualified instructors. However if you are experienced in diving you can do it in a group with other people. Instructors here are fairly stench about following the rules. Most of them won't allow you enter the belly of the sunken ship.









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