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Tarmac Five Sunken Ship (Aqaba)

Tarmac Five Sunken Ship (Aqaba)

Barge Tarmac Five was deliberately sunk for construction of a base for coral growth in 1996. Today it is one of the most popular sites in the Aqaba Marine Park due to its unique appearance and relatively shallow depth of 15- 30 meters below sea surface.



Location: Aqaba Gulf




The site of a sunken ship was chosen wisely. On one hand it was shallow enough to allow sunrays, but at the same time water current is sufficient enough for marine life to prosper here. The wreckage of the Tarmac Five barge was fairly quickly colonized by several species of corals, plants and various crustaceous. Several species of fish soon followed including spotted stingrays, octopuses, anthias, rare coral shrimp and many others.


Tarmac Five Sunken Ship (Aqaba)  Tarmac Five Sunken Ship (Aqaba)  Tarmac Five Sunken Ship (Aqaba)

Novice divers should take special courses before submersion where they can learn special technique of diving as well as understand species that can be found on Tarmac Five. Despite attractive appearance some of the species here might be quiet dangerous and harmful to humans.








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