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Aqaba Castle

 Aqaba Castle





Location: Aqaba









Description of Aqaba Castle

Aqaba Castle  Aqaba Castle  Aqaba Castle

Aqaba Castle or Mamluk Fort was originally built to protect the harbor area of Aqaba from nomad raids during rule of the ancient Roman Empire. It was one their of the most western cities. In the 16th century a new castle was constructed by the last sultan of the Mamluks al Guri. Aqaba Castle has a square shape with a total area of about 250 square meters, with symmetrical round towers at the corners for further protection. Medieval Arab soldiers who served here left numerous graffiti on the walls of their castle. Many of these inscriptions are still visible today. Artifacts that were discovered during archeological digs within walls of Aqaba Castle are kept today in the Archeological Museum. Their collection include coins, ceramics, jewelry and many other items that date to the Medieval period. Today Aqaba Castle is opened to the public. Despite years of neglect and abandonment its is well preserved with minimal modern renovations.







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