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Acropolis of Jerash

 Acropolis of Jerash

Acropolis of Jerash or a "High Place" in Greek was and important central stage for political and religious life of Jerash.




Location: Jerash






Description of Acropolis of Jerash


Ancient people built the main temples on the Acropolis of Jerash including Temple of Artemis, the patroness of the city and the main Greek god Zeus. Even though it was technically a Roman town, its residents came from different ethnic backgrounds that spoke several languages. Greek language was the main tongues spoken by the locals and hence deities that were worshipped here and many names bear Greek origin rather than Latin ones. Ancient Jerash was hit by several natural cataclysms during its long history. Nevertheless it is one of the best preserved cities from the ancient Roman period.

Two spacious amphitheaters could seat thousands of visitors. Today these structures are still used for music performances and historical festivals. Don't forget to take the map as you enter Jerash. It is a huge historical city and getting lost here is very simple.