Location: Jerash Governorate

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History of Jerash

Jerash is an ancient Roman archaeological site situated in Jerash Governorate of Jordan. It is second most visited tourist destination in the country after Petra. History of ancient city Jerash date back 6500 years ago. This ancient settlement was found by peasants who chose these picturesque forest covered hills and fertile valleys that could support a large population of people. For most of its history it was a fairly modest town. However all that changed in 63 BC when politician and military leader general Pompey captured these lands. Jerash was conquered by the Romans and became part of the Decapolis (Ten cities in Greek, most important cities in the region). The city grew in splendor and wealth. Here "barbaric" tribes from the East could trade with the Romans. Obviously ancient Romans wanted to impress their potential allies with size and magnificence. Jerash of Gerasa was a post card for the most powerful superpower of the time, the Roman Empire. However the city went in decline along with the Roman and later Byzantine Empire. Unlike other ancient cities Jerash was almost completely preserved under layers of sand. People left this area and that meant that no one tried to steal and quarry buildings of Jerash for cheap stone. Archaeological excavations in this archaeological site started only 70 years when structures were accidentally discovered.


Travel Destinations in Jerash

Today Jerash still boasts cobbled streets lined by rows of beautiful columns and magnificent statues. It is one of the best preserved provincial towns of the Roman Empire. Every year local historians and amateurs alike held recreations dedicated to Roman times. This includes soldiers, chariot races and etc.




Colonnaded Street (Jerash)


Temple of Zeus (Jerash)


Hadrian's Arch (Jerash)

Acropolis of Jerash


Temple of Artemis (Jerash)



North Theatre (Jerash)