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Colonnaded Street (Jerash)

 Colonnaded Street (Jerash)

Colonnaded Street of Jerash is the main street in this majestic archeological park. In the ancient times it was called Cardo Maximum. It was the main artery of the ancient Roman city. It is lined by two rows of columns on both sides. This distinct feature gives it its modern name.



Location: Jerash




Description of Colonnaded Street

Colonnaded Street itself is paved by white stone plates. Not all columns are the same. Unique variations were added by workers during construction of large public buildings along its course. Some of the columns fell due to regular seismic activity in the area. Archeologists renovated and restored to their previous place.


During the annual historical festivals, torchlight procession marched through this straight as an arrow street to ruins of abandoned pagan temples. Here they lit the fire in a reconstructed ritual. Obviously no one know what the rituals really looked like in the ancient times. Pagan priests were killed centuries ago and they didn't keep any records. Nevertheless it is an interesting experience.








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