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Al Deir Monastery (Petra)

 Petra Al Deir Monastery





Location: Petra  





Description of Al Deir Monastery

Al Deir Monastery is one of the unique buildings in Petra that was carved into cliffs over 2000 years ago. Its name is derived from carvings of several crosses that were carved on the walls of the tomb. They date to later Christian Byzantine period. Original purpose of Al Deir Monastery was a royal tomb of the king Obodas I, who ruled over Petra in the 1st century AD. The facade of the Al Deir measures at 80 meters high with internal burial chambers covering an area of 250 square meters. Facade of the Al Deir Monastery is decorated with pediments and columns cut from red sandstone. The interior of the Al Deir consists of a Central Hall with a double staircase that leads to the burial niche.


On the left side of the entrance to the Al Deir Monastery you can see a steep path that leads to the upper tier of building. Few tourists that come to Petra dare to climb these stairs, yet local Arab children have no problem with playing here.







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