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Bedouin Market at Petra


Bedouin Market at Petra is situated among picturesque ancient buildings. Bedouins lived here since the time of Abraham so the government doesn't prevent them moving around. They settled in Petra and opened their own souvenir store. Most of the items come from Petra itself or surrounding lands. These historic artifacts include ancient coins, pottery, amphora, carpets as well as hand made souvenirs made of stone and wood. Some of these "historic" items are obvious forgeries, but sometimes you can find a true jewel of historic and archeological value.




Location: Petra 







Market in the Middle East is a unique thing. People here are loud, pushy and sometimes obnoxious. They know just couple of words in English, but they use them interchangeably non- stop. If you don't want to buy anything don't even try starting a conversation with them. You will leave Petra with all their stuff and I mean all of their stuff. If you don't want to see that taking place simply say "thank you" or in Arabic "la'a shukran" ("no, thank you") and walk away. If you do want to buy a souvenir here you are for a linguistic adventure. Whatever price they give you can easily get half or even quarter of the original price. Negotiation is just part of the culture and business etiquette. Whine, complain, cry, lie. Do whatever you want and no one will think you are cheap or poor. It is is part of negotiation process.








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