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Byzantine Church (Petra)

 Byzantine Church (Petra)

Byzantine Christian Church was built around 450 AD on a site of older Ancient Roman building.


Location: Petra




Description of The Byzantine Christian Church

The Byzantine Christian Church was a three nave basilica with a total area of about 400 square meters. Its floor was covered with well preserved mosaics that depicts both humans and animals. Cruciform shaped font was surrounded by four columns that probably supported the dome. Around 600 AD Byzantine church suffered a major fire. It was probably abandoned since then due to lack of funds and constant raids from the East. Ruins of the Byzantine Church were later damaged by a series of earthquakes. It was discovered and excavated in 1992. Archeologists discovered 152 papyrus scrolls in various states of preservation. Byzantine church is a unique historical monument of significant proportions.

Byzantine Church Layout Map(Petra)









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