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Djinn Blocks (Petra)

Djinn Blocks (Petra)

Djinn Blocks are massive stone blocks carved from solid sandstone. They have square shapes with their walls covered by intricate carvings. It is not known the purpose or time period when they were made. It is quiet probable that these were intended as tombs for rich and influential citizens of Petra. However the work was cut short and the project was simply abandoned. Other suggested that Djinn Blocks were symbols or representations of the god Dushara that is commonly represented as a block of stone. Djinn Blocks is a name that was given by the later Arab settlers. Djinn is a spirit or a ghost that can live in various objects including lamps or in this case geologic formations. It is probably due to these superstitions Djinn Blocks were not damaged by subsequent generations of people that lived here. 


Location: Petra   













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