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High Place of Sacrifice (Petra)

 High Place of Sacrifice (Petra)


 Location: Petra 





Description of High Place of Sacrifice

High Place of Sacrifice was carved from the red sandstone by the Nabataeans, residents of Petra. It is located high above the rest of the city seats on the bottom of the canyon. High Place of Sacrifice has a central altar that was used to sacrifice animals to appease multiple pagan gods. Sacrificial triumphant ceremonies were were complicated and complex. Priests would start at the bottom of the canyon and slowly moved up an elaborate path. It is marked by several obelisks that were devoted to two deities: Dashare, god of force, and another was al- Uzza, goddess of water and fertility. Priests, singers, helpers and other people made their way to the top of the platform high above Petra. Here they killed animals. There have speculations about human sacrifices and while it is plausible no evidence were found to prove this point.








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