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Al Khazneh (The Treasury) of Petra

 Al Khazneh (The Treasury) of Petra

The Khazneh of Petra is one of the most distinct features of the settlement.



Location: Petra   




Description of The Khazneh of Petra


The Khazneh of Petra was carved into red sandstone in the 2nd century AD as a Temple of Isis (Egyptian goddess of fertility). Arabs who later settled around this area called it "Al Khazneh" believing that it kept treasures of the Egyptian pharaohs. However Khazneh was constructed as a temple of a Romanized Egyptian deity at the time when Roman Emperor Hadrian visited Syrian province. This tomb is the most famous out of 800 tombs on a site, partially due to the fact that its facade was featured in one of the Indiana Jones movies.








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