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Palace Tomb (Petra)

Palace Tomb (Petra)

Palace Tomb is magnificent burial situated just to the left of the Corinthian Tomb.



Location: Petra  





Description of the Palace Tomb of Petra

Palace Tomb was also constructed around 40 AD at the foot of mount Al- Khabta. Palace Tomb was carved into a cliff to bury a Petra official, but its appearance is similar to the Roman palaces and hence it got its name.

Palace Tomb has three stories with the upper levels added by several layers of stone. The main chamber at the entrance of the Palace Tomb was used to celebrate religious holidays and honor memory of the dead. Unfortunately inner rooms of the tomb is closed to the public due to renovation projects.

You can take a short break at the local coffee place that offers hot and cold drinks. It is one of few opportunities in Petra Archeological site to get hydrated so you should use it.








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