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Tomb Aneisho (Petra)

Tomb Aneisho (Petra)

Tomb Aneisho is one of many burial tombs in Petra. It was dug in the sandstone around 50 AD. The monument is located on a hill, so immediately it attracts attention of tourists and visitors.  The tomb was apparently intended for prince Aneisho, brother of Queen Nabataean Shagilat. Aneisho Tomb has a beautiful double eaves with carved facade that carries features of Greek, Egyptian and Nabataean architectural styles. The interior chambers of the Aneisho Tomb consists of two level rooms with a total area of over 400 square meters. The central room was equipped with a massive table and two benches on both sides. Ancient Nabataean priests held various rituals in this room to commemorate memory of dead royalty.


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