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Urn Tomb (Petra)

Urn Tomb (Petra)




Location: Petra  




Description of the Urn Tomb

Urn Tomb is one of many unique buildings in Petra. Urn Tomb is part of so- called Royal Tombs that were built for kings, officials and rich traders that once lived here. It got its name from the urn, which is crowned with a central pediment. It was carved from a cliff on a high hill and today it dominates among neighboring facades. You can get to the top of the Urn Tomb by climbing numerous steep stairs.

Urn Tomb was presumably constructed for the king Malchus who died in Petra in 70 AD. Despite years of natural elements Urn Tomb managed to survive and keep much of its original appearance. The tomb stands on an open platform. Along the North terrace there are several pairs of columns. The inner chamber is quite impressive with an area of about 400 square meters. In 477 Urn Tomb was converted into a Christian church, as it is evidenced by the record of consecration on the back wall of the main hall.








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