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Ma'in Hot Waterfall

 Ma'in Hot Waterfall




Location: 30 km Madaba




Description of Main Hot Waterfall

Main Hot Waterfall is a unique natural health resort situated 30 km from the city of Madaba. It named after natural hot springs and waterfalls that emerge from the ground in this area. Main Hot Waterfall are located in an incredibly beautiful valley at an altitude of 264 meters below sea level. Waterfalls and cascades are fed by rain water that flows down the highlands. It comes in contact with heated geological formation and head to a temperature of 63 degrees Celsius. Hot water emerges from the ground and dissolves in Zarqa River. The smaller waterfall is too hot to swim. The water doesn't cool sufficiently, but bigger waterfall (reached a height of 25 meters) with a pool on the bottom is perfect for swimming. Water of Main Hot Waterfall carved a small grotto behind it. Flowing hot water created a natural steam room for tourists.


Main Hot Waterfalls were famous for its water. For centuries people noticed unique healing properties including anti- allergic properties, a beneficial effect on the skin, increase in various metabolic processes in the body and many others.







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