Madaba (Arabic: مادبا) is a city in Jordan, about 35 km south of Amman. The population is 70,338 (2004).

The city founded by the Moabites is mentioned several times in the Bible (Numbers 21:30, Nav. 13: 9). In the first century BC, the city came under the rule of the Nabatean kingdom. Since 106, Madaba has become part of the Roman province of Arabia Petraia. In 746, the city was destroyed by an earthquake. Only in 1880, Christians cleared the ruins and rebuilt the city.

In Madaba itself and in its environs (see Khirbet al-Muhayyat) several ancient Roman villas (for example, the so-called “Achilles Hall” in the southern quarter of the city) and early Christian churches of the 6th century with unique mosaics, including (in the Holy Church George) is the oldest map of the Holy Land, the so-called Map of Madaba. The crypt of the Church of St. John the Baptist is, according to the Catholic Church (since 1967), a valuable relic - his head.


Travel Destinations in Madaba

Madaba is a historic town in Jordan. Today its cityscape is dominated by Muslim minarets and mosque, but its story began as far as the Iron Age. Over past centuries it changed hand and its appearance several times. Today Madaba is one of the most famous archeological sites that date to various periods in the history of the country.


Church of Saint John the Baptist at Bethany Beyond the Jordan (Madaba)


Church of Saint George (Madaba)


Iron Age Fortification Wall (Madaba)


Iron Age Fortification of Madaba are some of the oldest structure that were preserved since earliest years of Madaba. Although parts of the original structure was later quarried for stone for construction of other buildings, it is still an impressive military fortification.


Madaba Archaeological Park (Madaba)


Madaba Archeological Park is another term for the historic ancient part of Madaba. Here you can find private, public and religious buildings of the ancient people. Some of the structures were reduced to rubble, while others will impress with its intricate and rich details.


Church of Saint John the Baptist (Madaba)