Mujib Nature Reserve

Mujib Nature Reserve


Location: near Madaba

Area: 220 sq meters


Description of Mujib Nature Reserve

Mujib Nature Reserve is a protected area of picturesque canyon Wadi Mujib that covers over 220 square meters. Natural reserve was established in 1987 to protect one of few natural sources of water that flows to the Dead Sea. Thanks to a special drop humidity and constant water source, Mujib Gorge forms a special microclimate for unique and rare species of plants and animals. Mujib Nature Reserve is covered by a network of hiking paths. Parts of these trails are situated on hills above the central canyon. Although many tourists make their way through the water filled narrow canyon. It is probably the best way to venture through the Mujib Canyon, but it requires certain degree of stamina and physical fitness. Don't forget to take shoes that don't slip on wet rocks and dry clothes to change after you leave Mujib Nature Reserve. Additionally each trip through the canyon should be approved by the Royal Society for Nature Conservation. It is done for the safety of ecosystem as well as safety of tourists. With special permission some tour groups can stay on a special camp site for the night.


Mujib Nature Reserve above and around the Mujib Canyon are inhabited by red foxes, jackals, mongooses, caracal (type of wild cat) and many others. One of the most unique animals that live around Mujib Canyon is an endangered pronghorn goat that peacefully grazes on the hill slopes. In the sky above the Mujib you can often see soaring falcon or hawk. Sun terraces are covered by flower carpets. Many of these plants have medicinal value.