Siq al- Barid (Little Petra)




Location: Beida, Little Petra, Wadi Musa


Description of Siq al- Barid

Siq al- Barid (Cold Canyon in Arabic) is a historic archeological site that was open to the public fairly recently. It is nicknamed Little Petra due to its similar appearance and architecture to Petra situated just a 5-6 miles away. Siq al- Barid is certainly smaller and less impressive than Petra, nevertheless it has virtually no tourists. Just few dozen foreign visitors a year visit this place annually. You will need to walk through 400 meters of picturesque canyon.


Complex of Siq al- Barid consists of several temples and tombs carved into local red sandstone. Walls are covered by beautiful frescoes of people, birds, animals, vines and plants. While its floor is covered by mosaics that date back to the first century AD. Siq al- Barid was found by the Nabateans as a rest break for the trade caravans that travelled between Eastern Mediterranean and Arabian peninsula. Reclusion of the site means that there is virtually full access to all sites including the interior of the man made caves. Be careful while you explore the area. Some of the stairs can be very slippery and thus dangerous.