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Byblos Castle

Byblos Castle




Location: Byblos, Mount Lebanon Governorate  Map

Constructed: 12th century by Crusaders




Description of Byblos Castle


Byblos Castle is a massive medieval stronghold situated in Byblos of Mount Lebanon Governorate in Lebanon. It was constructed in early 12th century by Crusaders who wanted to strengthen their presence in the conquered lands in the Holy Land. The name "Byblos" or "papyrus" given to the ancient city those ruins you can see in the vicinity of the castle was given due to importance of this commodity traded since the ancient times. European knights constructed their citadel from local limestone as well as salvaged stone from much older structures from an ancient town of Byblos near by. Don't be surprised if you see ancient Roman columns and inscriptions within walls of the castle.



Byblos Castle was defended by four smaller tower at the corners of the square citadel and a fifth large tower defended the entrance to the Byblos fortress. A moat was dug around a perimeter to defend against siege machines. Despite intricate military fortifications, it didn't stop great Muslim commander Saladin from capturing the citadel in 1188. He subsequently destroyed part of the defensive walls so that Christian armies couldn't use them. Just seven years, in 1197 the castle was recaptured by the Crusaders who quickly repaired damages. After Holy Land was completely lost by the armies from Europe, Byblos Castle was used by the Mamluks for several centuries as a base of their military presence in the region. Underground structures of the citadel is the best part of the complex. Unlike other part of Byblos Castle they saw little alterations and was perfectly preserved in its original condition.









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