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Beylerbeyi Palace


Beylerbeyi Palace is a beautiful royal residence situated in Abdullah Aga Cad, Beylerbeyi Mahalessi in Turkey. It stands on an Asian side of Istanbul.




Location: Abdullah Aga Cad, Beylerbeyi Mahalessi, Asian side    Map


Constructed: 1829–1832 by Sultan Abdülaziz


Tel. (0216) 321 93 20


Bus: 15


Open: 9:30am- 6pm Tue- Wed & Fri- Sun




Description of Beylerbeyi Palace


Beylerbeyi Palace is a summer residence that originally occupied 160 sq km of hunting grounds, private zoo and a garden with a large collection of plants from all over the World. The complex of the royal residence was constructed on several terraces on the slopes of the hill all the way to the Bosporus straight. A secret tunnel led from Beylerbeyi Palace to the park.


The interior of the Beylerbeyi Palace combines European and Middle Eastern architectural styles. During period of the Ottoman Empire Beylerbeyi Palace served as a guest house for prominent foreign guests during their visits in the Ottoman capital, Istanbul. This included the Prince of Wales, the Austrian Emperor Franz Josef, Russian Grand Duke Nicholas, Nasruddin the Shah of Persia and many others.









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