Baths of Roxelana (Haseki Hürrem Hamami) (Istanbul)

Baths of Roxelana (Haseki Hürrem Hamami) (Istanbul)

Baths of Roxelana were constructed in 1556 by the orders of Suleyman the Magnificent under supervision of Sinan. Roxelana was the first and favourite wife of the great sultan who managed to run the royal palace by fear and murder. Baths were used by the congregation of Hagia Sophia at the time when it was used as a Muslim Mosque. Women and men entered the Baths of Roxelana from two separate and opposite entrances.



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Baths of Roxelana (Haseki Hürrem Hamami) (Istanbul) Baths of Roxelana (Haseki Hürrem Hamami) (Istanbul)



RoxelanaHurrem Haseki Sultan (circa 1500- 1558) (Haseki Sultan = honorary title 'mother of sultan') also known as Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska is an official wide of Suleiman the Magnificent. She was born in Russian Ukrainian family of an Eastern Orthodox priest. She was kidnapped by the Turks and sold into slavery. She managed to rise through the rise of harem to become chief wife of sultan or first kadin. In order to clear the path to the throne for her son Selim, she convinced Suleiman the Magnificent to strangle his chief vizier and childhood friend Ibrahim Pasha as well as heir to the throne Mustafa who was also murdered. Roxelana became famous for being shrewd and scheming as well as power hungry and intelligent.