Sülemaniye Mosque (Süleymaniye Camii) (Istanbul)

Sülemaniye Mosque (Süleymaniye Camii) (Istanbul)

Sulemaniye Mosque is an Ottoman imperial mosque that stands on the Third Hill of Istanbul. It is the largest mosque in the city that was modeled after Byzantine church Holy Sophia in a city center.




Prof Siddik Sami Onar Caddesi, Vefa

Tel. (0212) 522 02 98

Trolley: Beyazıt and Eminönü

Open: daily


History of Sulemaniye Mosque

Sülemaniye Mosque (Süleymaniye Camii) (Istanbul) 

Sulemaniye Mosque was built in 1550- 58 under supervision of an architect Mimar Sinan by the orders of Suleiman the Magnificent, hence the name. Beautiful central dome is lightened by almost 150 windows at its base. The courtyard of Sulemaniye Mosque has a marble fountain for ritual ablutions. According to local beliefs four minarets (towers) on each side of the building represent that Suleiman the Magnificent is the fourth sultan after the capture of Constantinople (old name for Istanbul). And ten balconies (Seref) on minarets represent that he is tenth ruler of the Ottoman Empire. Suleiman the Magnificent himself is buried here along with his famous wife Hasek Hjurrem famously known as Roxolana. Their bodies were laid in two mausoleums in the eastern side of the mosque.


Sülemaniye Mosque (Süleymaniye Camii) (Istanbul)  Sülemaniye Mosque (Süleymaniye Camii) (Istanbul)