Karatepe Archaeological Site


Location: 23 km from Kadirli, Osmaniye Province, Karatepe-Arslantaş National Park Map


Karatepe tour. Karatepe, literally Black Hill, is a former Late Hittite fortress, currently an open-air museum. It is located in the province of Osmaniye in southern Turkey, in the Taurus Mountains, on the right bank of the Ceyhan River, at a distance of about 23 km from the city of Kadirli. The monument is part of the Karatepe-Arslantash National Park. There was also the ancient city of Cilicia, which controlled the passage from eastern Anatolia to the north of the Syrian plain.

The fortress in Karatepa became an important late Hittite center after the collapse of the Hittite Empire in the late 12th century. BC e .. The ruins of the fortified city, which was called Hatzativadda, excavated since 1947; the first excavations were conducted by Helmut Bossert, Halet Chambel and Bahadyr Alkim. Among the artifacts found here are numerous plaques with inscriptions, statues, ruins, two monumental gates with reliefs on the doors depicting hunting, war, a boat with oars; poles with images of lions and sphinxes adjoin the gate.

The bilingual inscription of the 8th century found in Karatep BC e. in Phoenician and Luvian languages, citing the genealogy of the kings of Adana from the “Pug’s house”, linguists served as the key to deciphering the Luwian hieroglyphs.