Mamure Castle (Mamure kalesi)

Mamure Castle is a medieval citadel situated 7 km (4 mi) Southeast of Anamur, Anamur District, Mersin Province in Turkey.



Location: 7 km (4 mi) Southeast of Anamur, Anamur District, Mersin Province Map

Tel. (0324) 814 16 77

Open: 9am- 5:30pm daily


Description of Mamure Castle

Mamure Castle was constructed in 1221 by Alaattin Keykubat I of Seljuk Turks on a site of a Roman fortress constructed here in 4th century AD. During Byzantine Empire the citadel was fixed and expanded. In 1191 Philip II, King of France, visited this fortress on his way back home from the Third Crusade.


Invading Turks initially destroyed walls of Mamure Castle, but shortly after conquest they started to reconstruct ancient fort by the orders of mut of Karaman between 1300 and 1311. The stronghold was expanded and strengthened significantly. It was about this time it was named Mamure or prosperous. Fortress covers an expansive area of 253,000 square feet. It is protected by 39 towers, tall walls and a moat around the perimeter. Take plenty of water and protection from the sun if you want to explore the castle in all its entirety.