Miletus Archaeological Site



Location: village of Akkoy, Aydin Province    Map


Description of Miletus Archaeological Site

Miletus (Μίλητος in Greek) is an ancient archeological site situated near a village of Akkoy, Aydin Province in Turkey. Miletus Archaeological Site stood at the mouth of the Maeander River on the shore of the Aegean Sea. Good location at the crossroads of trading routes made this city one of the largest and most impressive in the Greek World. Miletus was a prized possession in subsequent empire that conquered this city. The settlement grew increasingly large under rule of the Roman Republic and later Empire. During early Christian period Miletus was visited by Saint apostle Peter on his Third Missionary journey (Acts 20:16- 38). Miletus continue to flourish during Byzantine period. However in the late medieval times the city went in decline. The harbor was became silted, sea receded and the city was largely abandoned. Only few shepherds lived here before archaeological digs did not unearth this beautiful and impressive ancient city of Miletus.