Pinara Archaeological Site


Location: 50 km (31 mi) East of Fethiye


Description of Pinara Archaeological Site

Pinara (Hittite: Pinali, Lycian Pinale, translated "rounded"; Greek Πίναρα) is an ancient city in Lycia, in southwestern Turkey on the valley of the Xanthos. The place is about 20 kilometers southeast of the city of Fethiye in the district of the same name in the province of Muğla.

It was a center of the Lukka countries in Hittite times. In the Trojan War , a cult tradition was established in Pinara in memory of Pandarus, who was mentioned in the Iliad , an ally of the Trojans . Pinara's greatest bloom began in the 6th century BC. so that it could play a leading role in the Lycian League. In Byzantine times it apparently fell victim to an earthquake in the 9th century. The British archaeologist Charles Fellows rediscovered it in 1840.

The area of the settlement is richly covered with partly well-preserved buildings that form a necropolis on a hilltop. However, some objects in the past served as quarries for the nearby town of Minare Köyü.