Silifke Castle


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Info: Goksu Mahallesi, Gurten Bozbet Cad 6

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Silifke Museum

Tasucu Cad

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Description of Silifke Castle

Silifke Castle is a medieval citadel situated in Mersin Province of Turkey. Silifke Castle is a famous site of death of Emperor Frederick Barbarossa. It was here that old commander fell from a horse on June 10th, 1190 as he crossed in Calycadnus near Silifke. Heavy armor quickly pulled him under water. He drowned before his servants could rescue him.



The city of Silifke was founded in the 3rd century. BC e., one of the commanders of Alexander the Great - Seleucus, who later founded the Syrian kingdom of the Seleucids. And at first the city was called Seleucia. Then the city was one of the most important in Cilicia. In the future, the city entered the Roman era, which became for him a period of prosperity and wealth. In the VI century. the city was already called Seleucia of Isauria. In 359, the second meeting of the Arimino-Seleucian Cathedral was held there. The decline of the city came in the Byzantine period due to the devastating raids of the Arabs. In the XII century. the city became an object of struggle between the Cilician Armenians, Byzantines, Crusaders and Seljuks. As a result, the city remained with the Seljuks. So, the leader of the crusaders and the German emperor Frederick I Barbarossa fell off his horse and drowned in the river just near the town of Silifke. In the XIII-XV centuries. the city belonged to Karamanogullaram, and in the XV century. - the city passed to the Ottomans.