Uludağ National Park

Uludağ National Park is a nature preserve covering an area around Uludag Mountain (also known as Mysian Olympus or Bithynian Olympus) that reaches an elevation of 2543 meters of 8,343 feet above sea level.


Location: 22 km (14 mi) South of Bursa Map

Tel. (0224) 283 21 97

Open: daily


Description of Uludağ National Park

Greek historian Herodotus mentions Uludag mountain (under the name of Mysian Olympus) as a home to the terrible boar. Son of Lydian king Croesus attempted to kill the beast, but instead he was killed by an animal.


Uludağ National Park is a nature and winter sports reserve situated 22 km (14 mi) South of Bursa in Turkey. Uludağ mountain that gives this wildness area its name measures at an elevation of 2543 meters or 8343 feet. In summer it is a popular location for hiking and camping. In winter this tallest mountain in the Northwest Turkey is popular for skiing and snowboarding.


For most of the history Uludag mountain was largely uninhabited. In the late Antiquity it became home to Roman Christian monks who fled persecution of the emperor Diocletian. This tradition continued through the Middle Ages then hundreds of Orthodox Byzantine monks came here. Even after the Ottoman Turks captured this area in 1317 Uludag mountain was often referred as "Keshish- dag" or "Monastic mountain".