Uzuncaburç Archaeological Site





Location: 28 km (17 mi) North of Silifke Map

Open: 9am- 6pm daily


Uzuncaburç is an ancient archaeological site situated 28 km (17 mi) North of Silifke in Turkey. Uzuncaburç is located in the mountainous hinterland of Silifke, the ancient Seleukeia on Kalykadnos. In the village and the nearby hamlet of Ura are the ruins of the ancient cities of Olba and Diokaisareia. The name of the place refers to a Hellenistic residential and watchtower. This is a Turkish name for a Hellenistic city that is translated as a "Tall Tower" after a prominent defensive tower that stands out. It is a square structure that measures at 22 meters (72 feet) in height. During antiquity it was known as a Diocaesarea- Olba. It was particularly famous for its temple of Zeus Olbius. Other notable structures include great theatre, nymphaem (ancient fountain), temple of Tyche and many other. The site is not very populated by tourists so you can spend a whole day without seeing anyone on a site.