Chitwan National Park


Location: Chitean District Map

Area: 932 kmĀ²

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Description of Chitwan National Park


Chitwan National Park is a nature reserve situated in a Chitean District of Nepal. It covers a total area of 932 sq km of sal forests, wetlands and stretches of savannah. Chitwan National Park contains numerous species of large mammals including tigers, leopards and one- horned Indian Rhinos. The safest way to explore the reserve is by renting a ride on a back of an elephant or taking a jeep. Rivers here are inhabited by many species of fishes and rare freshwater Gangetic dolphins. Chitwan Park offers several lodges inside its territory. Additionally you can find simple hotels in the small towns around a park. Don't expect much from local lodging. It is fairly basic and doesn't offer many services.


Located 200 km from the capital Kathmandu.

The park area is 932 square meters. km, mostly covered in the jungle. It is partially located in the ecoregion of the Himalayan subtropical broad-leaved forests. The park has a large number of picturesque rivers and small lakes. The climate is flat, softer and warmer.

Until 1973, the park was a favorite hunting ground for Nepalese kings. In 1973, it was proclaimed a protected area, the first of Nepal's national parks. The park is one of the few places in the world where wild animals can be observed in their natural habitat. In 1984, the park was listed as a UNESCO site.

The park is open for tourists. Visitors usually live here in small bungalows, huts or houses. Tours of the park are carried out on elephants or in jeeps. The main tourist center in the vicinity of the park is the village of Sauraha.

Elephant festival
At the end of each year, an elephant festival takes place. The most interesting events of the festival are elephant racing and the match of elephant football teams.