Royal Bardia National Park


Location: Bardia District Map

Area: 968 km²


Description of Royal Bardia National Park


Royal Bardia National Park is a nature reserve in a Bardia District in Nepal. It covers an area of 968 km². Most of the park, about 70% are covered by thick forests and shrubs. The rest is covered by open savannah, grasslands and Geruwa and Karnali rivers. Royal Bardia National Park contains about 53 species of mammals that includes Asian elephants, gharial crocodiles, One horned rhinoceros, swamp deer, Bengal deer, Gangetic fresh water dolphin and many others. The best time to visit this protected biosphere is from October to February. You can get here by bus from cities of Dhangadi, Mahendranagar and Karnali. Although you should take in consideration that hiring organized tours to this national park will be a better idea. It is safer and they are more aware of the current conditions in the Royal Bardia National Park. Maoist rebels that carry out their intermittent attacks is a real threat in some parts of the park so you should beware of any such activity.