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Abbey of Saint Florian

Abbey of St. Florian

Abbey of Saint Florian is one of the largest Baroque monasteries in Austria. It was found in the 9th century on a site of a fourth century tomb of Saint Florian who is said to be buried on this spot. Most of current appearance is due to buildings that date back to the late 17th and early centuries.





Location: Sankt Florian, 19km (12 miles) Southeast of Linz, Upper Austria Map

Tel. +43 (0)7224 8902 0

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Description of Abbey of Saint Florian


Abbey of Saint Florian is one of the most impressive Roman Catholic monasteries in Austria. It was originally found during Carolingian period in the early 9th century. However most of current structures were built during massive reconstruction project that lasted between 1686 and 1708 under supervision of Italian architect Carlo Antonio Carlone and later followed by Jakob Prandtauer who continued after his death. Magnificent and colorful frescoes of Abbey of Saint Florian  were painted by another Italian master Bartolomeo Altomonte.


The library of Abbey of Saint Florian is one of the richest in Europe and contains well over 130,000 manuscripts from medieval times to the 17th century. During WWII the grounds of the monastery were overtaken by the Gestapo. Monks were able to return only upon conclusion of the war.


Saint Florian priory has a long of musical tradition. Its boys' choir (St. Florianer Sangerknaben) dates back to 1071. One of the former choir boys, Anton Bruckner, became a composer. The larger of the two organs is named after him (Bruckner Orgel). Containing 7000 pipes it is one of the largest and more complex. Upon his death Anton Buckner was buried underneath it.










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