Attersee (Kammersee)




Location: Salzkammergut   Map

Area: 45.9 kmĀ²

Depth: 171 m

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Attersee is one of the largest Austrian lakes. It is famous for its sailing competitions that are commonly held here.


Description of Attersee Lake


Attersee Lake is located 60 km from Salzburg. It is the largest lake in Austria covering an area of 46 square kilometers. It is also holds one of the most famous diving center in the country. Attersee Lake rarely freezes even in coldest winters. In fact it is not advisable to step on thin ice that might cover part of Attersee. It is not as solid as it might look. So the best time to visit would be from late spring to early autumn. Besides swimming and boating the lake draws many fishermen. Several species of fish (26 in total) inhabit Attersee lake including several species of trout, European eel, pike, carp, perch and others. Local claim that the water in the lake is so clean that you can simply boil and drink it, but it is not really advisable.


Attersee is doted by eight resorts that were built on its shores including Attersee, Nussdorf, Schorling, Seewalchen, Unterach, Weyregg and Vocklabrick, the largest of them all. Additionally there are numerous small picturesque Austrian villages that has numerous small restaurants and stores.


Attersee Lake has invited many tourists for the past several centuries. Artists of all kinds particularly flocked to its beautiful shores. Some of the most famous include composer Gustav Mahler and a painter Gustav Klimt. Several local guides offer trips to explore their favorite locations around the Attersee.