Burg Griffen

Burg Griffen


Location: Griffen Map

Constructed: 1124-1146 by Bishop Otto of Bomberg


Description of Burg Griffen

Burg Griffen is a large medieval castle situated on a picturesque mountain in an Austrian province of Carinthia.



The castle was built between 1124 and 1146 by the Bamberg prince bishops. In 1160, Emperor Friedrich I named Grivena Castle as Bamberg's property of old. Blood jurisdiction belonged to the castle until 1425. In 1292, Ulrich von Heunburg occupied the fortress during a rebellion against King Rudolf's son, Duke Albrecht I. In 1293 Ulrich had to leave the castle again. Bamberg rule ended in 1759. The castle was incorporated into the Carinthian rule. Then there were several successive owners, namely Maria Theresia, then Count Egger and finally the Freiherren von Helldorf.

In the 16th century a major reconstruction of the castle took place. The floor area was about 4000 m². In 1659 a lightning strike destroyed one of the towers. The last service took place in the castle in 1768 and in 1840 the dilapidated roofs were torn down. In the year 2000 the renovation of the ruins started. A hiking trail now leads up the Schlossberg to the Griffen castle ruins.

Inside the 130 m high Schlossberg is the Griffen stalactite cave. The mountain consists of yellowish limestone.


Griffener Tropfsteinhöhle

The cave was visited by humans since the stone age 30000 years ago. Diorama present visitors with the glimpse of that past. Besides human artifacts bones of mammoths, cave bears, cave lions and cave hyenas were uncovered in the here.


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