Burg Griffen

Burg Griffen


Location: Griffen Map

Constructed: 1124-1146 by Bishop Otto of Bomberg


Description of Burg Griffen

Burg Griffen is a large medieval castle situated on a picturesque mountain in an Austrian province of Carinthia.


Burg Griffen was constructed in 1124-1146 by Bishop Otto of Bomberg. Serving as a strategic stronghold against possible Turkish invasion it quickly grew in size and strength. However the invasion from the East never reached this far and citadel eventually started loosing its purpose with changing technology and warfare. In 1659 the tallest tower of the Griffen Castle compound was destroyed by a lighting and by 1768 it completely lost its importance. Burg Griffen was therefore abandoned. The castle has both free parking and free entrance. Several shops and restaurant are located on the south side of the Griffen Castle mountain.

Griffener Tropfsteinhöhle


The cave was visited by humans since the stone age 30000 years ago. Diorama present visitors with the glimpse of that past. Besides human artifacts bones of mammoths, cave bears, cave lions and cave hyenas were uncovered in the here.


May-Jun: daily 9am-12pm, 1pm-5pm
Jul-Aug: daily 9am-5pm, Tue, Thu 9am- 8:30pm.
Sep: daily 9am-12pm, 1pm-5pm.
Oct: daily 10am-11am, 1pm- pm.
Entrance: 8 Euro for adult ticket, 4 Euro for the kids
Tours on the full hour, 5 pers. minimum, 20 pers. maximum.