Carnuntum (Καρνους) Archaeological Park

Carnuntum Archeological Park


Description of Carnuntum Archaeological Park

Location: Lower Austria  Map

Area: 10 km2

Info: Petronell Carnuntum Hauptstrasse 296 (02163) 3370

Open: 21 Mar- 15 Nov: 9am- 5pm daily

Museum Carnuntum

Bad Deutsch Altenburg, Badgasse 42

Tel. (02165) 62480

Open: Mar- Nov: 10am- 5pm Tue- Sun

noon- 5pm Mon

Nov- Mar: 11am- 5pm Sat- Sun

Carnuntum Archaeological Park is an open air museum situated in the Lower Austria.


Carnuntum Archaeological Park was constructed on a former site of a ancient settlement from the Roman times. It started as a Roman military camp that was established on the location in 6 AD during reign of Caesar Augustus. It was located at a Roman province of Noricum. Empire needed a permanent defended fortification during its struggle with Maroboduus or Marbod (30 BC- AD 37) who was a king of the Marcomanni, a Germanic tribe. The camp grew into a city of Carnuntum eventually becoming the capital of Upper Pannonia province.



Unfortunately new waves of invasions by the barbaric tribes eventually led Carnuntum being overtaken and burned down to the ground. Emperor Valentinian I tried to retake the location and re- establish his power in the region, but ultimately led nowhere. The remains of Carnuntum were covered by layers of dirt and earth thus preserving much of the structure from being reused as a quarry by the later generations of people who lived here. Today this archaeological site is open to tourists. The museum of Carnuntum Archaeological Park the houses artifacts from the diggings are presented in the history museum situated in a city of Bad Deutsch-Altenburg.