Hardegg Castle or Burg Hardegg

Hardegg Castle

Hardegg Castle is a medieval citadel situated over a town of Hardegg in Lower Austria. It stands on top of a strategic mountain at an elevation of 317 metres (1,040 feet) above sea level.



Location: Lower Austria Map


1 Apr- 15 Nov 9am- 5pm daily
July-Aug 9am- 6pm daily

Constructed: 11th century

Tel. 43(0)2949/8225

Museum of Emperor Maximilian of Mexico

Emperor Maximilian

Emperor Maximilian (1832- 1867)


Description of Hardegg Castle


Hardegg Castle was originally found in the 11th century and first appeared in the official documents in 1145. Original owners of the medieval citadel were Counts of Plain und Hardegg. Original central fortres was increased. A palace, several towers and a small chapel were added. Even though it was repaired and new additions has been made, it still preserves some of the original structure.


Hardegg Castle is often associated with Emperor Maximilian of Mexico, a younger brother of Emperor Francis Joseph I. A small exposition of the several artifacts is devoted to life of a future emperor before accepting the crown that eventually led him to death by a firing squad.